Think Happy Thoughts!

I’m beginning again.  A new blog.  A way to share my Happy Thoughts with you.

I am ready to be joyous.  I am ready to be a portal for all Good.  I am excited to have the opportunity to share my Happy Thoughts, and if even one person is lifted to a happier place, then I am truly blessed; especially if the “one person” who is lifted up is me.  That is the purpose of life, yes?  To raise our vibrations, and to consistently exist in a happy place.  By uplifting ourselves, we have more power to uplift others.

As many people before me have remembered/discovered and shared with the world, one of the Laws of Life is the Law of Attraction.  Like attracts like.  To bring all good into your life, you need to remain in a vibration of good.  It’s like tuning a radio; if you are tuned to 88.7, you hear whatever is being broadcast at that frequency.  You cannot hear what they are playing on 103.5 unless you turn the dial and get to the vibration of 103.5.  It’s that simple.  Just as simply, the frequencies/vibrations of Life work by the same principle.  If you are tuned to an angry vibration, life will bring you events which will lead you to more anger.  If you are tuned to depression, life will show you all kinds of depressing events and reasons to stay depressed.  If you are tuned to fear, life will prove itself to be a very scary place.  If you are tuned to hope, wonderful opportunities will present themselves, allowing you to feel more and more hopeful.  If you are tuned to joy, life will be a wonderful existence indeed, for you will be constantly shown more to be joyous about.  And the more consistent your vibration, the more consistent will be Life’s response.  Isn’t Life Good.  Life gives us exactly what we focus on, so focus on the Good.  Think Happy Thoughts!


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